Middle Eastern & Mediterranean inspired recipes, with our own twist!

*Please note – we are currently serving a selection of the below menu items for takeaway only.


Hand-rolled & Boiled the Traditional Way!    

Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon R89
With in-house pickles, red onion, fresh tomato & fresh dill  
Egg & Bacon R58
Scrambled eggs topped with crispy bacon  
Egg & Smoked Salmon R82
Scrambled eggs topped with smoked salmon & dill  
The B.LT R55
with bacon, lettuce, tomato & cream cheese  
Halloumi R75
Deep fried halloumi with lettuce, tomato, red onion & topped with our in-house mint chilli chutney  
Chicken Schnitzel R89
Crispy free range chicken schnitzel with tomato, lettuce, red onion & lemon aioli  
The Triple B R82

Grass-fed beef patty, mustard aioli, pickles, red onion, cheddar cheese, fresh tomato & lettuce

Hummus R65

Hummus, fresh tomato, cucumber, carrots, red onion, lettuce & marinated courgettes



Crispy Potato Cakes with your Favourite Toppings.

Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon R65
Poached Egg & Bacon R55
Served with housemade tomato sauce  
Poached Egg & Smoked Salmon R74
Served with housemade tomato sauce  
Poached Egg, Spinach & Mushrooms R60
Served with housemade tomato sauce  
Latke Stack R125
2 Latkes with cream cheese, smoked salmon, pickles, red onion, poached egg & side of housemade tomato sauce  
Beef Burger Stack R115

2 latkes with a grass-fed beef patty, mustard aioli, red onion, cheddar cheese, poached egg & sides of housemade tomato sauce & pickles




Freshly made Artisanal Bread with your Favourite Fillings.

Bacon, Egg & Cheese R65
Crispy bacon, cheddar cheese & free range fried egg  
The Cheese R60
with cheddar & mozzarella cheese  
Cheese & Tomato R50
with cheddar cheese & fresh tomato  
Mushroom & Cheese R60
with cheddar cheese & housemade mushroom ragout  
Roast Chicken & Basil Aioli R70
Free range chicken with our housemade basil aioli & fresh tomato  
Spinach, Cheese & Olive Tapenade  R70

Fresh spinach, cheese, olive tapenade & red onion


Open Smoked Salmon Deluxe


Toast topped with green leaves, smashed avo, grilled cherry tomatoes, smoked salmon, poached egg & lemon aioli



Freshly rolled Lebanese Flatbreads, sprinkled with our in-house Za’atar.

The Bacon R60
Khoubiz topped with crispy bacon, sautéed spinach & an egg omelette, served with housemade tomato sauce  
The Ultimate Falafel R85

Khoubiz with falafel, hummus, salad, marinated courgettes with fresh herbs, tzatziki & tahini

The Grilled Chicken R95

Khoubiz with grilled strips of marinated free range chicken, salad, grilled red peppers, marinated courgettes with fresh herbs, tzatziki & tahini

Lamb Sfiha R105

Spicy lamb mince on a khoubiz with fresh tomato,
red onion, fresh herbs, tzatziki & sprinkled with a sumac

The Lamb Burger R98

Khoubiz with a fresh spinach & feta salad tossed in our tahini dressing & a lamb patty topped with mustard aioli & pickles

The Halloumi R89

Khoubiz with deep fried halloumi, grilled red peppers & cherry tomatoes, salad & tzatziki

The Hummus R70

Khoubiz with hummus, feta & Jerusalem salad



Mezze Boards

Falafel Mezze R115

Tabouleh with falafel balls, hummus, tzatziki, zhug, pickles & a khoubiz

Chicken Mezze R135

Tabouleh salad topped with grilled free range chicken strips & sides of hummus, tzatziki, marinated courgettes & a khoubiz

Halloumi Mezze R105

Deep fried halloumi, tzatziki, aubergine, tomato & olive ragout, mint chilli chutney & a khoubiz



Create Your Own Mezze Board

Bagel R12


Latke R25
Hummus R25
Tzatziki R25
Marinated Courgettes R40
Tabouleh R50
Olives R30
Pickles R25
Harissa R20
Zhug R20
Mint Chilli Chutney R20
Tahina Sauce R20
Lemon Aioli R20
Mustard Aioli R20
Basil Aioli R20
In-house Tomato Sauce R20
Halloumi R45
Falafel with Tahini R40
Spicy Lamb Kofta R75
Smoked Salmon R65
Free Range Chicken Strips R45
Free Range Chicken Schnitzel Strips R55


What’s Cooking

The Morning Crunch R80

Full cream Greek yoghurt topped with our COOKED toasted granola, fruit of the day & fresh mint

Falafel Sunrise R95
Sautéed spinach topped with hummus, a poached egg, grilled peppers, zhug, falafel & tahini  
Green Omelette with Smoked Salmon R105

Omelette with herbs & greens, topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon & grilled cherry tomatoes

Chicken Pasta R75

Grilled free range chicken strips tossed in basil aioli, with our housemade tomato sauce & pasta

Nivik R120

Chickpea & spinach stew topped with a mushroom phyllo parcel, & poached egg

The COOKED Salad R89

Jerusalem salad with olives, marinated courgettes & grilled red peppers topped with tahina sauce, toasted seeds, olive oil & fresh lemon juice


The Halloumi Salad


Tabouleh salad topped with deep fried halloumi, grilled red peppers & cherry tomatoes, red onion & tzatziki

The Chicken Salad R98

Jerusalem salad with grilled free range chicken strips with housemade basil aioli, marinated courgettes, grilled red peppers & toasted seeds


The Falafel Salad


Jerusalem salad with falafel & tahini




Chicken Schnitzel Strips R59

Free range chicken schnitzel strips with salad, wrapped in our khoubiz

Cheese Khoubiz R45
Melted cheddar cheese on a khoubiz  
Chicken Pasta R55
Grilled free range chicken tossed in our housemade tomato sauce with pasta  


Sweet Treats

Our daily selection of freshly baked Cakes & Treats.

Bobba’s Baked Cheesecake R55
The Affogato R65

Artisanal vanilla bean ice cream with a double espresso

Artisanal Ice Cream  
Bonbons (2) R48
1 scoop R35
2 scoops R65
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